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Why Raw Dog Food Is Better Than Processed Commercial Dog Foods

Raw dog food is definitely not something new. Dog owners around the globe have been giving their dogs fresh meat and vegetables since dogs were domesticated. However since the creation of commercial dog foods this dropped off as many people believed that the commercial dog foods were the best option and were healthier than the other options for their dogs. Both of these ideas are false.

Another reason that dog owners stopped giving their dogs the nutrition and taste they need and opted for the commercial dog foods is time. Because you used to have to spend a lot longer to prepare a raw food diet for your dog. Preparing your dog's diet according to their nutritional needs, then cooking it and then storing it for future use. This was all before frozen raw dog food delivery was invented.

Frozen Raw Dog Food Delivery

High quality, ready-to-eat meals can now be delivered right to your home. You don't have to worry about preparing the food and making sure it contains all of the nutrition your dog needs as these meals are made from fresh ingredients such as raw meat, natural oils, vegetables, and natural proteins. You can get deliveries from the top raw dog food manufacturers such as 

Raw Dog Food Vs Commercial Dog Food

Raw ingredients are much better for your dogs health than commercial dog food. Commercial dog food can contain many harmful substances such as wheat, corn, artificial colorings, and preservatives, that can cause health problems in your dog.

Your dog's inability to properly process and digest these types of foods can lead to a variety of health problems such as allergies, obesity, heart disease, digestive problems, and diabetes. These ingredients are inexpensive, which is the main reason the companies put them in their dog food. The big dog food companies main concern is that they make a profit and not your dog's health and well-being.

What is a Raw Dog Food Diet?

No matter whether you use a dog food delivery service, certain things are essential for your dog to eat. Companies that have developed their own raw dog food diets have done this by referencing the kind of diet your dog would eat in the wild. This diet consists of 80 percent raw protein. It includes meat, liver, eggs, chicken, and other animal proteins. The remaining twenty percent is made up of a mixture of vegetables and natural oils such as coconut oil, cod liver oil and broccoli.

The Benefits Of A Raw Food Diet For Your Dog

A raw dog food diet can have many benefits for your dog, such as:

  • * Raw food plans are better for dogs because they're exactly what your dog is designed to eat.
  • * This reduces or eliminates the risk of many diseases in dogs by not using any chemicals or fillers.
  • * Your dog will feel fuller after every meal. This means that your dog is less likely to become obese.
  • * Raw dog food is much more appealing than processed kibbles. This means that your dog will be more excited about each meal.
  • * Raw dog food plans use a variety of ingredients which ensures that there are many options for your dog and that.
    • (a) Your dog is not bored by his food
    • (b) Your dog receives all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need to be their best.
  • * A better diet directly correlates to better digestion, greater mobility, and a longer life expectancy

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